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Garage Door Spring Repair in Novato, CA

Garage Door Spring Repair in Novato, CANever assume that just because torsion and extension springs don’t look like they could pose a problem to an experienced do it yourself homeowner, they are easy to fix. Springs are some of the most dangerous parts in your entire garage. Because they are subjected to a lot of stress while the door opens and closes, springs that snap can easily hurt anyone around them. In other words, you should never attempt to repair or replace a set of springs on your own. Novato Garage Door Services has experts that are ready to assist you as quickly as possible. In many cases, our team can get to your residence and fix the broken springs the same day you call us.

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Some of the signs of a broken spring

If the springs are broken, the garage door will quickly let you know by behaving strange.

  • The garage door makes a noise similar to grinding when it opens or closes. In some cases, the door may make strange noises when it operates – squeaking or screeching sounds, for example.
  • The garage door is having problems opening or closing. If the door doesn’t react when you give it a command, the opener may be damaged. If the door tries to operate but something is preventing it from doing so, the springs may be at fault. Another sign something is wrong is if the garage door jerks while opening and shutting.
  • Upon a visual inspection of the springs, you find some signs of damage (tarnishing or cracks). If this is the case, you ought to call us immediately and stay away from the springs.

More things we can help you with

In addition to fixing and replacing springs and other components of garage doors, Novato Garage Door Services is also the best source of information for all homeowners in California. If the old springs are too damaged to be fixed, you have to purchase a new pair. You have to know several details before buying new springs, to include the garage door’s weight, the diameter of the springs, width and more. You can also opt for long lasting springs that last longer than the typical lifespan of a certain number of cycles.

All you have to do is contact us and ask us anything related to the springs on your door. Our experts will share all their knowledge with you and help you make the best decision. Of course, our company will also quickly install the new pair of springs.

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